Our History

Former Christmas Mothers


Year Name

1967-Helen Mason

1968-Kate Dobbins

1969-Cora (Shep) Ashworth

1970-Addie Weisiger
1971-Deanna Coffey Lipscomb
1972-Florence King
1973-Elsie Yount
1974-Mary Ellen Hall
1975-Hilda Lent
1976-Shirley Bradbury
1977-Frances Sharp
1978-Edna McFall
1979-Edna McFall, Paulette McWaters
1980-Lillie Walthall, Linda Perry
1981-Lillie Walthall
1982-Kitty Bloxton, Lillie Walthall
1983-Dot Nichols, Mirianna Hobson
1984-Dot Nicholsgailtimberlake
1985-Margaret Mills
1986-Rachael and Carlton Elam
1987-Novella and Sam Hatcher
1988-Margaret and Omar Ball
1989-Marie Brown
1990-Marie and Bob Hertzler
1991-Anna Boelt
1992-Janie and Elwood Clements
1993-Nancy L. Barden
1994-Elizabeth R. Lewis2011 Sleigh2race2
1995-Janice S. Worsham
1996-Jean Walton
1997-Audrey Missimer
1998-Sandy Shelton
1999-Frances Morris
2000-Dorothy Baily
2001-Karen Norsworthy
2002-Ginny Broughton
2003-Mary Frances Adair
2004-Connie Moslow
2005-Nancy Alexander
2006-Mary Midget Harrison
2007-Vernell Straughter
2008-Gail Timberlake

2009-Kay and Tommy Mann

2010-Frances and George Crutchfield


2011-Carol and Bob Baltimore

2012-Nancy Ayers

2013-Pinckey Sowers

2014-Fran Carleton

2015-Mrs. Gayle Walters

2016-Ms. Teresa Whitaker

2017-Josephine Goodman

2018- Pat and Larry Lyons

2019-Mrs. Betsy Blandford

2020-Jo Anne and Jimmy Woodson

2021-Dale Goodman

2022- Kathy Ware

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