How to Apply

Who can apply

Children 18 years old and under, Adults 60 years old and over, and those on Social Security or Veterans Administration disability

Where to Apply

All applications will be filled out at the Powhatan Public Library conference room .  Applicants must reside in Powhatan County and meet our income guidelines. You must apply in person.

What to bring

  • Proof of residency (current light bill with applicants name and address or other official proof)
  • Social security numbers for all household members
  • Proof of income for all household members (recent pay stub, social services letter, copy of child support award)
  • Proof of disability (letter showing disability payments)
  • Proof of custody (court order or custody papers)

Failure to bring all required information could cause a delay in processing your application.


You will need to bring:

1-  proof of total household income

2-  proof of residency (copy of light bill, tax bill, etc.)

3-  social security numbers for everyone on the application

Failure to do so could lead to a delay or denial.

We will attempt to provide one outfit per person and two Christmas wishes. The Christmas Mother cannot provide expensive items unless they are donated, so please give us several suggestions on what you or your children would like for a Christmas gift. We would also encourage you to tell us if you or your child (children) has a favorite color, book or character. The Christmas Mother may have to substitute items if requested items are not available. It is very important that you supply us with correct clothing sizes. Please make note of  those items needed most. We will need a current contact number.

Application Dates 2020

Applications dates will be announced in October